Signature Handcrafted Tails are now SOLD IN-STORE at The Pleasure Chest LA!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the tails made out of?

The Signature Handcrafted Tails are typically made out of 100% acrylic wool, which is allergen free and versatile. Some tails may be made of a wool/acrylic wool blend, 98% acrylic wool and 2% wool. These are usually the tails with multicolored fibers, but it does not take away from the look or feel of the tails.


How do I clean my tail?

I don't recommend submerging your tail completely in water (in the sink, tub or washing machine) because then you need to completely dry it and flat iron each lock of fur on the lowest setting and brush as you go. It can be very time consuming and I've already done that for you. ;) 

If you have a tail with a loop, simply wipe with a wet cloth and then dry with another cloth or with a blow dryer on low heat. Then lightly brush with a wide tooth pet brush to straighten or use a flat iron on the lowest setting to straighten and add shine/luster.

If you have a tail with a plug, you can follow the same instructions as above but NEVER put a tail with a plug in the dryer or apply heat around the base of the plug. It may cause the adhesive to loosen and become weak, or even overheat and melt away the tail's fur. Adhesives used are generally heat resistant, water resistant and body safe, but I always advise against tails in the dryer if they have a plug attached.


How do I make my tail curly when it has arrived wrapped up and the fur is straight?

Turn upside down and give it a shake. Then scrunch scrunch scrunch with handfuls of fur to make it curlier. Use a wide tooth pet brush to LIGHTLY brush it straight, or even a flat/curling iron on the LOWEST setting to curl. 


How long does it take to make a tail?

Creation time begins at the time payment or a deposit is made. Creation can take 6 weeks depending on the specifics of your custom design and due to work already in production. It may be completed and mailed earlier, but rarely past the estimated date. Merry is personally hand stitching each tail hair by hair, so this process takes time in order to produce the gorgeous results seen in the Gallery. If you need a tail created in less than two weeks, please use the Message Us button, email Merry at or go to the Customizations Bar and purchase the $75 Expedited Creation Time option. Tails that are already completed and ready to ship are received within 2-5 days via USPS or UPS. This is usually noted within the product description. Tails cannot be created custom and shipped/received in under two weeks for free.


Can I buy a tail at an event?

I am always happy to deliver a tail at events I am attending, but I do not sell from the host hotel rooms and do not carry spare tails for purchase when I am an attendee. If Merry Kitty Creations is vending, there will be a mix of high quality ready-made tails and Signature Handcrafted Tails available for purchase. You can also place an order for a custom tail at the vending station with deposit. 


I don't have a debit or credit card, how else can I pay for my tail?

If you don't have or want to use a card and cannot use PayPal ( or CashApp ($MerryGentry), feel free to mail a check or money order. Just email or submit a form via the Contact Us page for the mailing address. Creation begins when funds are received/cleared.


Can I make payments on a tail?

Yes you can! I want the tails to be accessible and accept payment arrangements, deposits and layaway plans. Email for more information.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Simply purchase as you normally would on the site and enter your address and country at checkout. Easy peasy!


What is The Merry Kitty Creations Scholarship fund? How does it work?

Starting December 2018, Merry Kitty Creations will accept applications from those interested in attending education and/or community centric kink, BDSM or Leather events. When the link is live, submit your application by the deadline. One applicant will be selected based on the application criteria and will receive funds to cover the cost of registration for the event of their choice. The scholarship will cover registration fees only (not accommodations, travel, additional meal plans, etc). My hope is to provide a little bit more access to impactful events for those not able to regularly attend such events. A portion of the profits from every tail sold is set aside to fund the scholarship; however, donations are always welcome. If you'd like to contribute please email and indicate if your contribution will be anonymous or not and the amount you'd like to donate.