Signature Handcrafted Tails are now SOLD IN-STORE at The Pleasure Chest LA!!

*NEW* Design Your Own Tail

Know what you want already and don't need a design discussion?
Take a look at the photos at the bottom of this page- these are your design choices you will need to choose from to fill out the order form below to design and purchase your tail online! Creation time is 3-4 weeks and tracking info is emailed when it ships. All custom Signature Handcrafted tails ship FREE!

Please note before ordering:

  • The fur is usually wavy when you receive your tail. If you prefer it be straight or extra curly when it ships, please email that request. Please see the FAQs for care and styling instructions.
  • All glass plugs are size XL.
  • Silicone plugs are only offered in Black currently and are body safe, not jelly or rubber.
  • Tails with plugs are 17" long standard, tails that tie on with loop and ribbon are 24" long standard.
  • Adding wiring takes away for the natural sway and movement. Your tail's fur will move, but the tail itself remains in the shape you bend it into.
  • The colors shown are sometimes under flash lighting, the colors may appear muted or a shade darker under natural lighting.
  • Detachable plugs are usually stainless steel. Colorful detachable tails are metal (sometimes aluminum alloy and other times not).
  • Please only purchase additional detachable plug bases if the tail you are ordering is being made with a detachable plug. The silicone, glass and stainless steel plugs are not detachable.
  • Reinforcing your tail will not make your tail stiff, it will still have tons of body and movement. A super fine but incredibly strong tensile braided line is used for stitching instead of heavy duty threading.
  • Need further customization? Use the Customization Bar or the Contact Us form for more options. An invoice will be sent to you instead of purchasing on the site.


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