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""Think of an education and/or community-based kink, BDSM or Leather event you would like to attend in 2019, note the Registration fees and think about why you want to attend and how it may impact your journey.""
Merry Kitty Creations Scholarship
Running Aemok - December 01, 2018
Merry Kitty
Owner/Creator, 443-738-4137
Based in Maryland, Merry (pronouns she/her) is an evolving kitten and stype who became a member of the HardPink Sisterhood in March of 2018, is a current Board Member (Social Media Coordination Team) and is a strong advocate for POC, women identified, and queer persons navigating the incredible spectrum of kink, BDSM and Leather communities. The Sisterhood allows a network of women from various backgrounds and either side of the slash from coast to coast and internationally to act as a close knit community for one another, as well as support initiatives and organizations that benefit women in and out of the kink/BDSM and Leather communities. Besides vending at The Erotic Playground Part III at the Baltimore Playhouse, Merry's tails have also been donated to auctions at amazing events and efforts such as WILL 2018, GLLA 2018 Weekend, The Journey Education Munch's 2nd Anniversary and Leather Family United in Support of Sir Daddy Daun and slavegirl j. November of 2018 saw the introduction of The Merry Kitty Creations Scholarship, which awards one applicant funds to cover registration fees to an education and/or community centric kink, BDSM or Leather event of their choosing. The scholarship was implemented as a response to the issue of accessibility when it comes to attending (often) very large events full of experienced presenters, amazing demos, a wealth of classroom instruction and important bonding experiences. A portion of the profits from each Signature Handcrafted Tail is placed into the fund, in hopes that each year one more person is able take part in what has been an important experience for so many others. When not crafting tails, you may find Merry presenting workshops on kittens or being Black and queer within kink, or creating more opportunities for others to grow and flourish within the community we all wish to see... one of cohesion, beautiful and intricate intersections and liberation.
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"This was my 1st tail ever and I was unsure if I wanted one but Merry Kitty's enthusiasm for the project made the experience easy and fun! She showed me a few color schemes and patiently worked with me to find the exact colors I needed, making for an exciting reveal when I debuted it publicly. It was noticed right away! Working with Merry Kitty is a joy♡"
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