Remember: Custom tails take 6 weeks to create and ship - AND - Orders over $60 always ship FREE!!

My handmade, customized tails are designed especially for the wearer to adore as much as I adore my own!

The "Signature Handcrafted Tails" can be created in a wide range of colors and tailored to your specifications. All custom tails are created either with a loop (for fastening via belt or ribbon) and come with the ribbon ties of your choice for quick and easy wear, or can be made with a plug (various materials and sizes are available).

Wolf, fox, cat, big cat, puppy... and more.

Utilizing 100% acrylic wool fibers for an allergen free tail fashioned meticulously by hand to create a look that is unique, fun and liberating.

I am always honored to outfit those fortunate, brave and open enough to experience the level of vulnerability and freedom that delving into pet play, little space and many other forms of self expression our community affirms and celebrates can afford the adventurous and wild at heart.

Be wild. Be you. Be free.


Merry Kitty

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The Pantheon of Leather Awards 2019

Merry Kitty Creations is a proud Supporting Member of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom since March 2019!! Mew!

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Twisting Culture 2019 - Baltimore, MD (Sponsoring!)

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Women Of Drummer Weekend 2019 - Darlington, MD (vending!)

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